The 22nd National Television Awards - Long-List Voting Guidelines & Terms and Conditions

General guidelines:

These vote guidelines are for votes made by premium rate telephone service (PRTS), or via the website (the ‘Website’) or by post on an official entry form. Please note that it is not possible to vote via any other method not specified here.

Viewers can vote for their favourite nominee, from amongst a long-list of contenders (the “Long-list”) in the relevant categories, to win the 22nd National Television Awards. Viewers may vote for one (1) nominee in each of the fifteen (15) categories as indicated on the official voting forms, and elsewhere as indicated.

Voting times:

The vote opens at 00.01 BST on Tuesday 11th October 2016 and is closed at 23:00 BST on Sunday 23rd October 2016. Votes made or received outside of these specified times will not be counted. Voting times are liable to change and the Producer may suspend, withdraw or re-set voting, at its sole discretion, at any time. The Producer may also, at their sole discretion, at any time change the rules for voting due to reasons beyond their control.

Voting restrictions:

You may vote in as many categories as you wish, but within each category you are only allowed to vote for one nominee and, if you are voting via the website, only the one time per email address. If you are using PRTS then you may vote up to 6 times from the same number. This is to allow multiple members of the same household to all vote once via the one phone number. If you exceed the limit using PRTS you will hear a message informing you that you have already voted. You should not be charged where your PRTS phone vote call exceeds the voting limits. If you exceed the limit when voting via the website your votes will not be counted.

The Producer of the programme, (“the Producer”), ‘The 22nd National Television Awards’ (the “Programme”), their sub-contractors, subsidiary and/or agencies are committed to operating viewer voting fairly, and to preventing abuse of its systems. Hence, The Producer reserves the right to disqualify votes if The Producer has reasonable grounds to suspect, having regard to all circumstances and information available to them at the relevant time, that fraudulent voting has occurred, such that it is designed to excessively manipulate the outcome of the vote or otherwise.

There are three ways to vote:

1. Voting via PRTS phone:

To vote for a nominee(s) by phone, you will need to call the PRTS number 0905 647 2017 and follow the instructions given. You may vote for one nominee only in each of the 15 categories.

Each PRTS phone vote call costs 25p per minute plus your network access charge and should last no longer than 7 minutes. You will need to call from a touchtone phone to register your votes. The total cost will be dependent on the voter's network and the duration of the call. Please ask permission from the bill payer before voting and please dial carefully. There will be no refund for the cost of any vote made or for any misdialled calls.

To select the nominee in the category you wish to vote for you are required to refer to the code number for each nominee within the categories as printed in the relevant publications, or as stated on the official voting form. This form can be obtained by calling 0844 646 2060 before Midday on Wednesday 19th October 2016 and leaving your details as requested. Calls cost 5p plus your network access charge.

The closing date and time to receive votes via PRTS phone is 23:00 on Sunday 23rd October 2016. Votes received after this date and time will not be counted.

If you are calling after the voting times have closed, you will hear a message stating that voting is now closed. You should not be charged for this call.

2. Voting via the websites:

To vote for a nominee(s), you may go to the Website and follow the instructions given there. You may vote for one nominee only in each category. Once you have made your selections (you must vote in at least one category) you must provide your name and a valid email address for your votes to count and you must successfully pass through a CAPTCHA security device which will be in place to monitor multiple voting and ensure the integrity of the voting process and the Awards.

There is no charge for voting via the Website, although internet service provider’s fees may apply. The closing date and time to receive votes for the long list via the website is 23:00 on Sunday 23rd October 2016. Votes received after this date and time will not be counted.

3. Voting by post:

To vote by post, you must fill in an official voting form or where the voting appears in the relevant publications and send it with your name and address and the correct postage paid to: The 22nd National Television Awards, PO Box 16552, Birmingham, B25 9GB.

Forms that do not have a complete name and/or address will not be counted as this information is used to monitor multiple voting. Photocopies or other duplication of these voting forms will not be accepted. Voting forms sent in by post are deemed received upon arrival. Voting forms sent without the correct postage, or those sent to any other address will not be counted.

Because of the risk of postal delays, any postal vote forms received after the closing date of Sunday 23rd October 2016, up until close of business Monday 24th October 2016, will be accepted.

The Producer of the Programme, their sub-contractors, subsidiary and/or agencies accepts no responsibility for any votes, which do not arrive at this address by Monday 24th October 2016. Votes received after this date and time will not be counted.

Voting results:

The result of the vote will be based on the total of all valid votes via all valid voting methods and received by the closing date and time. Please note that votes that have been sent but not received or validated by the closing date and time will not be counted.

Up to four nominees from each of the 15 categories with the most votes will go forward to be included in a shortlist of nominees (the ‘Shortlist’). In the event of a tie, where two or more nominees receive the same number of votes, the tied nominees will all be put forward for the Shortlist stage of voting – dates to be announced.

The nominee from each category with the most votes after the Shortlist voting will be awarded the National Television Award.

In the event of a technical failure or other circumstance beyond the Producer’s reasonable control that affects the vote, or any other decision which the vote would have determined, the Producer will calculate the outcome of the vote having regard to all circumstances and information available to them at the relevant time.

The Producer and their sub-contractors do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any technical failure, interruption or malfunction or any other problem with any telephone network or line, system, server, provider, software or otherwise which may result in any votes not being properly received heard, registered or recorded, or for any votes incorrectly addressed, or lost in transit or for any irregularities, industrial action, or other disruption in the postal service, and The Producer will not be held liable in any such event.

If you attempt to compromise the integrity or the legitimate operation of this vote by hacking or by cheating or committing fraud in any way, The Producer may seek damages from you to the fullest extent permitted by law. Further, The Producer may ban you from participating in any of their future award show voting, so please play fairly.

Nothing in these guidelines restricts your statutory rights as a consumer. For more details on your statutory rights you should contact your local Trading Standards Office or Citizen's Advice Bureau.

These terms and conditions are governed by English Law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


If you have a query about your vote you may register your query by email at

You will need to give the following information:

1. Your Name
2. The telephone number of the phone you called from if voting by PRTS phone
3. The time(s) you experienced problems
4. What problems you experienced when voting
5. If possible, your telephone network operator, e.g. BT, Cable & Wireless
6. A contact telephone number if different from above
7. Please confirm the number you have been dialling.

The Producer of the Programme and the Promoter of the programme is: Indigo Television Ltd, 76 Marylebone High Street, London, W1U 5JU (Registered number in England 2067726).